Absurd Thoughts

The third type of obsessive thoughts are thoughts that seem absurd, require careful analytical verification, although there seems to be no reason for this, or cause continuous doubts.

Thoughts of losing your mind

Some obsessive thoughts seem ridiculous when they burst into consciousness for no apparent reason. Often they are perceived as signs of a state bordering on insanity. However, this is not the case.

Some thoughts are extremely bizarre, and I don’t even know where they came from. For example, I might be on a train and suddenly have the idea that I might start licking a dirty window pane. Or, when I’m cleaning my pet’s bowl, I might have the thought that I could drink the dirty water left behind. These thoughts give me real discomfort, because I feel an impulse or a strong premonition that I will embody them. It’s like I’m forcing myself not to react.

Once I broke a glass in the kitchen and collected the pieces, but after that I began to think that pieces of glass were scattered everywhere. I know it’s ridiculous, but I threw an unopened bag of pudding out of the fridge yesterday because I thought there might be glass in it. Am I losing control?

Sometimes for no reason at all at the wheel I start to think that I might have hit someone and he is now lying in the middle of the road and dying. I try to remember if there were any suspicious sounds or if I felt something, but it’s never certain. I try my best not to turn around and go back the same route. I tell myself that these are just thoughts and that there is no proof of all this, but doubts still do not let me go.


This analysis takes place against the background of the feeling that something is going wrong and you need to check everything.

When I read, I have these thoughts about not being able to fully understand what is written, so I have to go back and reread the sentence to see if I understood it. As a result, reading becomes painful and slows down, and sometimes I just give up. I think I’m having trouble understanding what I’m reading.

When I hang up after a telephone conversation, I often think that I may have unconsciously offended the other person, and then, even if I know that this is not the case, I have to mentally go back to the conversation and reproduce it down to individual sentences, trying to remember exactly what tone they were uttered, to make sure that nothing Then there are more thoughts in my mind that something even more subtle might have gone wrong, and I can’t figure out what it might have been.

Doubts about the relationship

You fear that obsessive doubts are a signal that something is going wrong, despite evidence to the contrary.

I’m terribly worried about my relationship. I wonder if my partner is the way I love him. Fear prevails, despite my confidence in my feelings, reason does not give rest. I feel like crying. I’ve read about obsessive-compulsive relationship disorder. Does it really exist?

I do believe that my husband is faithful to me, but I continue to think that I do not know what he is doing every day for many hours. I try to keep myself from checking his pockets, cell phone and email, and from asking him about the details of the day. I know it’s because I want to convince myself that he’s not having an affair. If he follows a pretty woman with his eyes, or speaks kindly to a waitress, I’m filled with doubts, and I ask myself stupid questions like, ” does he know her?”and “why would he be so courteous?”and it absolutely drives me crazy.

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