Thoughts that are Morally Repugnant

The first type of obsession is anything that is morally unacceptable. These are thoughts of self-harm or harm to others, sexually tinged, religiously unholy, and repulsive.

Thoughts of harming yourself or others

The most common morally unacceptable thoughts are thoughts of harming yourself or someone else. The experiences associated with such thoughts are amplified by the fact that it is often about harming innocent, helpless or loved ones. Thoughts of self-harm are both frightening and puzzling, because there is no conscious, deliberate desire to harm yourself or others.

Here are some examples of obsessive thoughts about harm.

My daughter watched a horror movie about the Columbine school massacre, and now she’s constantly having obsessive thoughts about stabbing her friends or family members. The daughter wants all the knives in the house hidden because they scare her too much. She is the kindest and gentlest person you can imagine, she is loving and caring towards everyone with whom she communicates. Obviously, the thoughts cause her great anxiety, because she is afraid that she will do what they suggest.

After the sandy hook school massacre, I began to think that it would be good if my own child was there. Nevertheless, I have the warmest feelings for my son, and such fantasies simply do not come from anywhere.

I can’t go out on the balcony, because every time I have thoughts like, ” what’s stopping me from jumping? You can jump right now.” I start to panic terribly, especially if the fence is quite low and it will be easy to get over it. You think I have hidden suicidal tendencies? But I’m not even depressed.

Whenever I see a rope or something, I immediately imagine hanging myself on a hook in my bedroom. Why is this happening? There’s no way I can stop this.

After the birth of the child I was afraid to take him in my arms, because I did not leave the thought that I could drop it or even, to my horror, throw it out of the window or down the stairs.

Forbidden thoughts sexually

Forbidden sexual thoughts are also common. These include thoughts of connection with relatives and children, as well as unseemly or extramarital Affairs.

I have terrible obsessions that I can’t get rid of. They constantly arise in my mind, even at work. They cause the most intense anxiety disorder – I Wake up with a stake in my chest, because I know that I will have these obsessive thoughts all day again, and they are so disgusting that it is impossible even to watch TV, because I begin to think that I am a child molester, although I would never touch a child or anyone else. I’m really scared. What if I’m a latent child molester?

For some strange reason, I wondered what would have happened if I had been seduced by my own brother. I can hardly look at him now, and there’s no way I’m going to go to the beach with him because I’m afraid to see him in a bathing suit. He knows I’m avoiding him, but of course I can’t tell him what it is.

I have a happy marriage, but I can’t stop thinking about connecting with the man I once talked to at the bus stop. He’s not even cute. Does that mean I no longer have feelings for my husband?

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