Thoughts that get stuck

Stuck are the thoughts that are most unpleasant. Of course! That’s understandable. So, from the cruel thoughts affects people who appreciate softness, regard violence as unacceptable and show sensitivity and concern for others. Those who have thoughts of harming others are truly loving people. That’s why they begin to struggle with these thoughts, which as a result seem to get stuck. Similarly, those who believe that all vulnerable people and living things should be protected sometimes have to face obsessive thoughts about child abuse, animal husbandry and infant mutilation. It’s the thoughts you resist that get stuck. If you are a believer, you may have blasphemous and disturbing thoughts about your impiety. You resist them… and they get stuck.

Thoughts of chairs, fruit salad or trees do not get stuck as they are unopposed and neutral.

So, the content of obsessive thoughts is the opposite of what you would like to think about: your values, desires… it is the opposite of you and your nature.

Obsessive thoughts get stuck because you unknowingly support them, trying to get rid of them.

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