Is Alprazolam Alcohol Compatible?

Most drugs can not be shared with alcohol. When such a combination is allowed, in some cases slight consequences arise in the form of disorders of the stool, changes in the heart rhythm, and in others everything ends with a hospital bed, sometimes with a fatal outcome. Therefore, it is necessary to know exactly what can lead to the simultaneous use of the drug prescribed by the doctor and the hot drinks. Specifically, we learn about the symbiosis of alcohol and alprazolam.

Briefly About the Medicine

The drug is classified as anxiolytic. It is a tranquilizer that has an antidepressant and anticonvulsant property, and sometimes a hypnotic effect. Alprazolam inhibits the work of the central nervous system. It reduces excitability, providing a soothing effect. The drug helps to fall asleep more quickly and at the same time increases the duration of sleep. The medicine reduces the number of nocturnal awakenings. The hypnotic effect of alprazolam is based on a decrease in the action of motor and emotional stimuli. Its moderate anticonvulsant effect promotes relaxation of muscle spasms. The drug is available in tablets. It is well absorbed and absorbed in the stomach, metabolized in the liver, excreted in the urine. In fact, this medicine does not accumulate in the body. The maximum concentration of alprosolam in the blood is reached in an hour or two after ingestion. Only the doctor prescribes the drug. It is released by prescription. Refers to the drugs of list B. Self-medication or misuse of alprozolam is fraught with significant harm to human health.

The drug alprazolam is categorically contraindicated in such conditions and diseases: myasthenia gravis, acute respiratory failure, depression with suicidal tendencies, hypersensitivity, coma, alcohol or narcotic poisoning, lactation, childbearing, glaucoma, age 18 years.

Interaction of the Drug with Alcohol

During the treatment with the drug is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, because it has the property to enhance the effect of neuroleptic and hypnotics. With the simultaneous use of medicines and alcoholic drinks, the oppressive effect on the central nervous system increases. In addition, the medicine in symbiosis with hot drinks negatively affects our main barrier organ - the liver. She begins work with a strengthened regime, as, indeed, the kidneys. The prescribed course of alprazolam requires a categorical rejection of any alcoholic beverages, because the medicine several times strengthens their effect on the organs and the organism of the patient as a whole. This is fraught with a drop in blood pressure or a sharp increase in it, chills, vomiting, a violation of blood coagulability. The negative consequences of such a combination can also be manifested by a worsening of cerebral circulation, bleeding and hemorrhage. Sometimes it's confusion, heart attack, stroke, coma. In the worst case, simultaneous intake of alcohol and alprosolam leads to death. It is worth noting that this drug is used to stop abstinence states in alcohol-dependent patients. It is also used to prevent such relapses. The drug has proven itself during periods of remission, to reduce craving for alcohol. As the narcological practice shows, alprazolam gives positive results in the therapy of psychopathic and neurosis-like disorders in chronic alcoholics.