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Anxiety Examples

Anxiety Description

In this article we will discuss and give examples of different anxiety disorders.

Normal anxiety - a person experiences anxiety in the various situations that may occur in the life of any person, is more important to him and he makes an effort to achieve the desired result for him. Examples: interviews, exams, marriage, participation in negotiations or speeches, pregnancy and childbirth, creating their own business, a great buy (flat, car), lack of knowledge of how to solve an important question, other.

Inflated anxiety or anxiety disorders - anxiety about the outcome of events in the future, fear of an uncertain future, the expectation of adverse events. Examples would be the various everyday situations, as well as all of the same situation as described above, but the alarm will appear for some time before the start of the event, from several hours up to days and weeks.


First, we give some examples of different anxiety disorders.

Example 1

A young man of 26 years. Technical education, running a sales agent. Not married, no children. He lives with his parents.

Complaints: tremors in the hands, feet and voice; stiffness in the hips; forgetting the words; hesitation in speech; rapid heartbeat (tachycardia); He does not know what to say; the desire to escape; the fear that they could laugh at him; fear seem illiterate; He says he can not clearly explain his point of view; avoids communication; He believes that it can not be done any act; He believes that it is not understood; difficult to refuse others; afraid that when meeting a girl can refuse.

These symptoms and / or amplified: a lot of strangers; familiarity with the girls; Communication consultants in shopping centers; chat with strangers and unfamiliar people.

These symptoms are reduced and / or missing: chat with friends; chat with strangers, when close friend of a man who is confident and takes the leader.

Example 2

Woman 30 years. Economic education, works as an accountant. Divorced, daughter 4 years.


Worries that may forget to turn off appliances or close the door, so they often check them before leaving the house.

These symptoms and / or enhanced: if you want to go somewhere; problems at work; in almost all situations.

These symptoms are reduced and / or missing: when he is at home; at work; something keen; after drinking alcohol.

Example 3

Male 38 years old. Technical education, works as an engineer. Married, two children 9 and 5 years old.


These symptoms and / or amplified: meeting; speaking before an audience; toasts at feasts; consumption of food and drink in the presence of others; the expectation of the unknown; if it can not control the situation.

These symptoms are reduced and / or absent: in a society of people who are trusted; at home.

Example 4

Woman 40 years. Medical Education, a top manager in an international company. Not married, no children.


These symptoms and / or amplified: as soon learns that the need to act; as we approach the date of presentation symptoms are worse; Meeting new people; meeting at work.

These symptoms are reduced and / or no home, when distracted; when in the village engaged in flowers.

Proceeding from the above examples, we can conclude that anxiety / anxiety disorder can manifest in people of different age, sex, marital and social status. All symptoms can be divided into two groups: physiological and emotional. Below we consider these groups of symptoms.

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety disorder - emotional symptoms:

Anxiety disorder - physical symptoms: