Myth 6. The more you think about something, the less likely it is to happenv

Myth 6 is almost the exact opposite of myth 5. In particular, it suggests that if you start thinking about an event, you will reduce the probability of its occurrence or make it less real. You may believe that thinking about someone you care about (in particular, worrying about someone) is a way to protect them, show your feelings and loyalty, and ward off adverse events. Maintaining anxious thoughts gives you a sense of maintaining control, and therefore a certain readiness for danger.

Fact: once again, thoughts do not affect the degree of probability in the real world. If you’re worried about someone, it can give you the feeling that you’re doing something to protect them. But in reality, you’re just training your brain to increase your ongoing anxiety. Remember that feelings are not facts. Feelings that tell you to think about someone continuously are the beginning of an anxiety disorder caused by false alarms.

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