Thoughts About Uncertainty and Unpredictability

This kind of concern is caused by the unwillingness to recognize the impossibility of knowing something in advance or guaranteeing future events.

I need to know that nothing will happen to my children. How could anyone live without knowing? I can’t bear the thought of anything happening to them.

Doubts about the reality of the world

It is one thing to be extremely philosophically curious about the nature of reality, but it is quite another to be really upset and constantly preoccupied with these kinds of questions that cannot be answered accurately.

What is the nature of reality? How do I know your reality is the same as mine?

I can’t stop thinking that this could all be a collective illusion. Everything that is supposed to be real can only be a projection of the mind, and there is no way to verify it. I fixate on it and try and find evidence again and again.

Thoughts about the meaning of life

Some people experience intense and repetitive experiences caused by the realization of their mortality and all its consequences. As a result, they find it necessary to address this question whenever such thoughts arise.

What is the purpose of life? Is there life after death; what if there is no afterlife? I don’t understand how people live, knowing that they have to die, and not knowing what will happen to them after that. I’d like to believe in heaven, but I can’t bring myself to believe in it. So if that’s all there is to it, you have to appreciate every minute, but it just doesn’t fit in my head. I have read works on philosophy and religion and spoken to those who seem to have found a way to live with this knowledge in peace, but I can’t stop thinking about it and I feel lost. Maybe therapists know something about the meaning of life. I keep thinking, ” this doesn’t make sense.” Perhaps it is.

Questioning your own beliefs

Our consciousness is full of contradictions, ambiguities and constant changes. To some, this seems extremely troubling news, and they are constantly striving for certainty.

What do I really believe and what are my feelings?

I have a friend that I spend a lot of time with, and I’m actually crazy about her. But sometimes she annoys me terribly, or sometimes I don’t want to call her back. And yet, whenever I see her, I always blame myself for being mad at her, because she’s really great. Maybe I’m just jealous of her – or even afraid of her, because I’m not as good as she is – and in her absence I have these unpleasant thoughts. You think I’m kidding myself? Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time with her. Or maybe it’s better to tell her when she annoys me? But it would upset her…

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