When there is a high probability of obsessive thoughts

Obsessive thoughts vary in frequency and intensity. When you realize that obsessive thoughts are thoughts stuck in your mind, you realize that they are most likely to occur when the mind is most receptive. There are an incredible number of factors, both physiological and psychological, that affect susceptibility.

You may have already discovered some factors. People are much more prone to obsessive thoughts when tired, sleepy or in a bad mood (anxious, grumpy, irritable, upset or sad). If you are a woman, the frequency and intensity of obsessions can increase hormonal changes during your cycle. Certain substances – caffeine, improperly prescribed medications such as steroids and asthma medications – can also have a similar effect. Most people’s minds are usually more receptive the day after drinking. Some strains of marijuana make your mind more receptive instantly. The degree of susceptibility can vary throughout the day, and is often most pronounced in the morning (almost immediately after waking up) and before going to bed.

Anxious voice: Oh no! I had too much booze last night, and now I’m hungover. Today you should not go shopping. What if I have these horrible thoughts about the people in the store? I have a headache, so I think I’ll stay home and not go out in public. Voice of false calm: All right. Why escalate the situation when you’re not feeling well? We can go shopping tomorrow.

A worried voice: I’ll definitely get stuck in line and have these horrible thoughts about who’s standing in front of me. It’s always like that on a day like this. I’ll wait until tomorrow. Voice of wisdom: it is Known that some days the mind is more receptive than others, and on such days it is easy to start worrying about stuck thoughts. But if you avoid them, the consciousness will become even more receptive. This indicates vulnerability or weakening in the days of heightened receptivity of consciousness. You are offended and careless. Then you decide that, for one reason or another, stuck thoughts are more dangerous on such days. That’s not so. Thoughts about shopping are just thoughts, even if the receptivity of your consciousness is increased.

In any situation of uncertainty associated with high risks, it is likely to increase the susceptibility of consciousness. As soon as there is a feeling that it is important to know something 100%, immediately begin to appear obsessive thoughts.

For example, if during cleaning you have an obsession that you can pour the cleaning solution into the planters with flowers, the worst that can happen is the death of your plant. Take a similar obsession and imagine that you could feed a cleaning solution to your child. Now the risks are incredibly increased, and the probability of getting stuck thoughts increased. That is why the receptivity of consciousness can be higher, for example, in the plane than at home.

In the following example, the Restless voice has an obsession about the likelihood of something that is extremely small and the risks are high. It frightens the Voice of false calm. They begin to argue among themselves. The voice of wisdom adds a few thoughts.

Anxious voice: Maybe I should wash my hands after I said Hello to that man. I don’t know him. God Almighty, he could have been on a trip around the world. He could easily catch Dengue, or maybe even Ebola!

A voice of false calm: I hadn’t thought of that. However, it never hurts to wash your hands. I don’t think he had the Ebola virus: I thought the virus had been destroyed. The epidemic is over. And he looks quite normal. Nor do I think Dengue can reach these parts unless a mosquito flies in. But what are the chances?

A restless voice: you Never know. I remembered now that I had a wound on my arm. What if the virus gets into your system?

Voice of false calm: this is extremely unlikely! The chances of that happening are slim. Anxious voice: what if it happens?

Voice of false calm: Don’t make me nervous. Stop it now! Try to think of something else. Or wash your hands and be done with it! Anxious voice: but no one wants to catch the virus, because Ebola is a killer! Why risk it?

Voice of wisdom: You know, guys, you always have to take risks in life – and you do it all the time. You can only accept or go crazy. The choice is yours.

The voice of wisdom is the voice of acceptance and submission to thoughts. He points out that the search for an ideal, 100% risk-free world will not succeed and is doomed to failure, and that the Restless voice and the Voice of false calm can live more happily if they stop fighting and allow their thoughts to exist without arguing around them.

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