“Meticulous” thoughts

This includes judgments about your own actions, intentions, your character, or the actions, intentions, and character of others. This category includes both religious and non-religious concern with one’s thoughts about what is good and what is bad, as well as condemnation of one’s own or others ‘ attempts to be perfectly pure, kind, just and generous.

My little sister just got engaged. I tell her I’m happy for her and all the other things befitting the occasion, but I’m secretly jealous and can’t help thinking that my engagement should have happened before hers. I’m a terrible person; I want to be generous, but I can’t get rid of those envious thoughts.

When I pray, I have a feeling that the words are spoken automatically, and I think that the prayer is not felt, it’s just words.

I have every opportunity, but I know I’m not doing enough for the poor. I transfer funds to charities and the Church, but I never know how much will be enough, so I think I always give less than I need. I know I’m not mother Teresa, but it always seems like extreme selfishness to me when I buy something I don’t particularly need, and that I should just give away all my money. I always feel guilty if I overeat; someone is starving, and I take a second helping. As a result, I find it difficult to enjoy anything.

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